About Natura Ecorium

Natura Ecorium established in 2012, form by a group of aquascaping enthusiams that enjoys the natural and ecosystem of aquascapes that bring nature to life. It is our mission to share the happiness that comes from the natural planted tank with the beautiful scenery.

It will be your brand new morning when the aquarium light on when you wake up, or when you come back from home, it's time to feel calm and relax when viewing the beautiful planted tank.

We commit to use our creativity, innovative ideas and professional knowledge to deliver the beautiful nature planted tank from homes setting, office to whenever you like the natural aquascapes to be, we'll do our best to you.

To hassle free from planted tank maintenance, we do offer regular servicing whenever you need us, we will be there for you and the nature planted tank.

Besides, we also offer range of freshwater fish, shrimp and plants, as well as aquascapes setup such as rocks, sand, soil, co2 tank and other accessories to enhances a better aquascapes tanks that best suit your taste.

Please feel free to browse through our product and past project to see the vast range of possibilities that we can offer and deliver to you.

Thank you very much.